10/08/2022 @ 2:00p
LOCATION:   CAMEO Art House Theatre    
GENRE:   Narrative Short

Amputee – 25:49  Minutes

(Short Block 2)

Directors: Aga Rudel, Jamie Rhodes

In a deprived area of England’s industrial north, a young mother is hit by a forklift truck at work and loses her leg. Based on the true story of Lisa Ramos, Amputee follows the first year of mental and physical recovery from a limb amputation. The consequences for Lisa’s mental health, her family, and her relationship with her son are far more severe than the physical loss of a limb. Amputee is the story of one family’s struggle to adjust to a new reality, told from the perspective of those who are brought closer together and those who get left behind.









  • Aga Rudel
    Paranoidal, Asking Europe, Stay At Home
  • Jamie Rhodes
    Dead Men’s Teeth, A Castle in England
  • Jamie Rhodes
    Dead Men’s Teeth, A Castle in England
  • Amy Waite
  • Aga Rudel
    Paranoidal, Asking Europe
  • Philippa Cole
    Key Cast
    Holby City, Coronation Street, Armchair Detectives
  • William Fox
    Key Cast
    Peterloo, Coronation St, The Syndicate
  • Joshua Spanswick
    Key Cast
    ” Kieran”
    Liam Gallagher: One of Us
  • Gillian Waugh
    Key Cast
    “Linda (Gran)”
    The Damned United, Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, Emmerdale
  • Nicci Topping CSA CDA
    Casting Director
    MyBad!, Peacemaker, Disney | Marvels Summer Of Superheroes
  • Maria McLenaghan
    Make-up | SFX
    Bulldog, Blank, My Toughest Battle
  • Fred Fleureau
    Jean-Luc, Wallis et Futuna, l’exil à fleur de peau, A Queen of Heart
  • Philip White
    Sound Designer
    Elevator Gods, This World We Live In, Jackpot
  • Kate Hirst
    Art Director
EMOTIONS:     Intrigued

TOPICS:     Controversy     Slice of Life

TYPE:     Drama