10/08/2022 @ 2:00p
LOCATION:   The Loge    
GENRE:   1st Time Filmmaker
GENRE:   Animation

Embrace – 5:18 Runtime

(Short Film Block 3)

Director: Lalit Bhusal

Embrace is an animated short film about asexuality–an orientation generally defined by a lack of sexual attraction, regardless of gender. The narrative explores the common asexual experience of feeling different than most of the population, and the isolation, confusion, and self-loathing that difference can create. However, the story also emphasizes the self-love and joy that can come from recognition of one’s asexuality and the asexual community, and how it’s possible to embrace the orientation by viewing it in a different light.

EMOTIONS:     Informed     Inspired     Intrigued

TOPICS:     Slice of Life

TYPE:     Animation     Drama