10/08/2022 @ 4:00p
LOCATION:   The Loge    

Medea – 13:29 Runtime

(Short Block 4)

Director: Feifei Zhong

It is a story about a woman struggling between her career and family after finding her unexpected pregnancy and finally gets collapses. Hejiahui is a stage performer who plays the main role in the play Medea. The director is leading them on a national tour for the next half year. Yet she finds herself pregnant. In the meanwhile, Medea, the Ancient Greek woman who killed her own sons enters Jiahui’s mind…


  • zhenhe lin
  • 菲菲feifei 仲zhong
  • 菲菲feifei 仲zhong
  • leiying luan
    Key Cast
EMOTIONS:     Angry     Informed     Intrigued     Sad

TOPICS:     Controversy     Slice of Life

TYPE:     Drama