Mission: JOY Finding Happiness in Troubled Times (2nd screening)
10/09/2022 @ 1:00p
LOCATION:   CAMEO Art House Theatre    
GENRE:   Narrative

Mission: JOY Finding Happiness in Troubled Times – 1:30:00 Runtime

TWO SCREENINGS! 10/7/2022 Opening Night Film (Special pass or ticket required) & 10/9/2022

Director: Peggy Callahan & Louie Psihoyos

In what is likely their last time together, we trace the epic life stories of these Nobel Peace Prize winners as they faced oppression, exile, death threats, cancer, and more — unbowed and still laughing.

They are opposites in many ways, yet their friendship shows us that our shared humanity is bigger than our differences.

Their life stories remind us that JOY is an inside job, that JOY and pain are inseparable, and that deep connection is one of the secrets to JOY.



EMOTIONS:     Amused     Informed     Inspired     Intrigued

TOPICS:     Future     Slice of Life

TYPE:     Documentary