0530: Riding in the Dark
10/14/2023 @ 2:00p
LOCATION:   The Loge    
GENRE:   Documentary Short

0530: Riding in the Dark – 28:09 Minutes

(LIFE Short Block)

Director: Griffin Hart Davis

“The world is dark around us…but everything is as clear as day surrounded by these headlights.”

Cyclists all fall in and out of love with their grueling sport many times in pursuit of individual glory. But in the 0530 cycling group, the bonds among riders – both on and off the bike – sustain lasting friendships and offer life-giving support when it’s needed most. Take a peek inside 0530 as they navigate the Covid pandemic together and see their founder through the toughest uphill battle of his life.

EMOTIONS:     Informed     Inspired     Intrigued

TOPICS:     Environment     Slice of Life

TYPE:     Documentary