Agents of Change
10/14/2023 @ 7:30p
LOCATION:   CAMEO Art House Theatre    
GENRE:   Narrative Short

Agents of Change, Project: Polymer – 15:26 Minutes

(HEROES Short Block)

Director: Jett Garrison

“AGENTS OF CHANGE, Project: Polymer” is a spy-genre film that centers a fully queer and transgender cast while bringing issues facing the environment to the forefront. Rookie secret agent Guy Longani is on a take-along mission to expose the ringleader of an illegal plastic dumping scheme, but when the operation goes awry, he must earn the trust of his more experienced partner if they’re going to bring an evil mastermind to justice.


EMOTIONS:     Amused     Inspired     Intrigued

TOPICS:     Slice of Life

TYPE:     Comedy     Crime     Drama