Vigil Hours
10/14/2023 @ 9:45p
LOCATION:   The Loge    
GENRE:   Narrative Short

Vigil Hours– 24:44

(FRIGHT NIGHT Short Block 2)

Director: Marko Marinkovic

Funeral home owner Daniel is invited to attend the Vigil with a highly unusual request – to photograph the Vigil and the deceased. Driven by a material incentive, Daniel agrees to an unusual request. Upon arrival, he discovers that his present relatives are also unusual individuals who want to respect their traditional customs originating from the Vlach region… He meets the host Anestin and his wife Bianca, who, as a result of her clumsiness, wet Daniel with the water she used to wash the deceased. While Daniel is left alone to photograph the deceased in bed, Bianca performs a ritual in another room and makes coffee with the water that she uses to wash the corpse. While Anestin and his assistant move the body of the deceased to another room, to begin the Vigil, Daniel drinks coffee with Bianca in the living room. Entering the new room and photographing the deceased with his relatives, Daniel notices unusual mystical symbols appearing in the photographs. During a photo session in which the main models are the deceased, Anestin and Bianca, Daniel starts getting dizzy. Anestin tells him that he drank something that Vlach calls the ’Cadavers’ water and that his body will serve as a vessel for the soul of his deceased brother. Daniel manages to escape from them and locks himself in one of the rooms where he discovers two bodies. They are dead, yet alive. Living souls entombed in dead flesh. He finds a Grimoire in which the ritual of transitioning from one body to another is described in detail. In addition to the Grimoire, he also finds a photo album dating back a hundred years. While trying to escape, Daniel gets overpowered. The deceased brother’s soul passes into Daniel’s body and the participants of the ritual leave the place while the body of the old deceased remains in the coffin. The body opens the eyes. Daniel’s soul is trapped in dead flesh.

  • Marko Marinkovic
  • Danijel Vizi
  • Marko Marinkovic
  • Ventsislav Velev
  • Aleksandar Trmcic
    Key Cast
    “Daniel Nowacki”
  • Marko Adzic
    Key Cast
    “Anestin Bodlea”
  • Dina Arsic
    Key Cast
    “Bianca Bodlea”

EMOTIONS:     Intrigued     Scared

TOPICS:     Slice of Life

TYPE:     Crime     Drama