Who We Are…
10/14/2023 @ 7:30p
GENRE:   Documentary Short

Who We Are… – 8:55 minutes

(HEROES Short Block)

Director: Noah Berlow

Who We Are…” is a heart-wrenching short documentary that addresses the social issues of how many young women fall victim to the influences of drugs, domestic violence, poverty, and self-harm, but Pathway to Independence, a nonprofit organization in Southern California, provides a way for these women to rejuvenate their lives, with a program that allows them to graduate from a four-year college and ultimately live a life of independence.

  • Noah Berlow
  • Aryn Free Kelly
  • Noah Berlow
  • Chris Landon
    Original Music
  • Szilva Vecserdy
    Original Music
EMOTIONS:     Informed     Inspired

TOPICS:     Controversy     Health     Slice of Life

TYPE:     Documentary