Hundreds of people flock to the Indigo Moon Film Festival each year to watch great new films from around the world.  During the festival, a lot of garbage is created.  Just think of all the printed materials, water bottles, food containers, and carbon emissions from the travel to get here. It’s a little overwhelming!

To combat these issues, Indigo Moon Film Festival, in partnership with PWC and Sustainable Sandhills, is going green!

First, we will rely on recycling, composting, carbon credits, and other means to cut down on our carbon footprint. 

IMFF will create areas for recycling and composting throughout the festival footprint.  A “Green Team” provided through a partnership with Sustainable Sandhills will disperse throughout the festival to ensure that items are deposited in the correct bins. In addition, food vendors will provide compostable and recyclable tableware including forks, knives, plates, etc.  We will also ban straws too!

Sustainable Sandhills will host the “Green Venue” on the  5th floor of the Self Help Credit union.  Films with an environmental theme will be shown there during the festival.  Adjacent to the Green Venue will be the Green Demonstration Area. Look here for information and freebies from environmental groups from across the region.

Indigo Moon Film Festival is proud to partner with PWC and Sustainable Sandhills to help save our corner of the earth.