The inaugural Indigo Moon Film Festival was certainly one to remember!  We had two uninvited guests…. Matthew and Nicole.

When we started the festival, we were expecting 5-6 inches of rain and light breezes. Well, Hurricane Nicole pushed Hurricane Matthew farther inland and held him over Fayetteville long enough to get a ton of water… more than 15 inches. Lots of flooding, dams breaking, and people stranded in cars. Some people around the region have even died because of the storm.

We were fortunate, we lost power and had to stop the festival mid-way through Saturday’s screenings. But some of our friends and neighbors lost everything.

We will be announcing the Jury Award Winners tomorrow. There is no way to give audience awards since not every film was even screened. But we will be sending a very special award to all the filmmakers who came out and stayed with us through the rain, wind and dark.

It will be a festival none of us will ever forget.