My Most Inspirational Films



by Michele Falls



My passion for film runs deep in me. From my days growing up in Brazil, film was a way to cope with my harsh and cruel reality called life. It was a way for me to   explore the depths of my imagination and embrace whom I would become creatively. Growing up in Brazil, life wasn’t like an apple pie, meaning, warm and cozy. I used films and television as a mechanism to daily cope. My favorite films did just that.

There are so many great films, but my here are my ultimate favorites two films:

Sister Act | Movies Anywhere Sister Act (1992) Whoopi Goldberg was contagious, she portrayed an unbreakable joy and it was effectively infectious.
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome by Joan D. Vinge Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1986)

Tina Turner was ferocious. Above all, seeing two Black American women on screen in the 2000s in Brazil, It was magical! 

It was exactly what I needed to keep daydreaming away.

These and other films I watched during my time in Brazil were just enough to keep life bearable and provide inspiration. Now my life’s goal is to find worthy stories to tell, share, embrace, and learn from. Tchau!